Version History

  1. 8/20/00 - version 0.08 (semi-stable) released. The test files in ~struct/heat/test/ seem to work. Still need to integrate the sparse solver into the redesigned code.
  2. 2/10/00 - version 0.07.14 (semi-stable) released. Redesigned the Struct Hierarchy and added back the restart support. more testing is needed.
  3. 2/9/00 - version 0.07.13 (semi-stable) released. Redesigned the Struct Hierarchy. Added a native format "preprocessor" (independent of ABAQUS).
  4. 2/8/00 -version 0.07.12 (semi-stable) released. Transient heat transfer with/without phase change seem to work again. Getting closer to the stage that heat transfer will work. More tests needed.
  5. 2/6/00 - version 0.07.11 (not stable) released. Steady state heat transfer now seems to work again after some re-design. Started coding transient heat transfer at the higher level (there was never a design initially). Updated a little bit the documentation of the Abaqus module in ~/pfem/preproc/abaqus/doc.
  6. 1/15/00 -version 0.07.10 (not stable) released. started the PfemConfig class for configuration in addiiton to what's available in the ABAQUS data file. Need to examine how the solver module handle multiple element sets. Started getting the Bmat and Dmat modules for solid mechanics restored from pfem0.04 in numerical python. More design on the phys module.
  7. 12/21/99 -version 0.07.9 (not stable) released. a few bug fix in *InitNewELSET. more testing. more progress in Start designing the algorithm classes.
  8. 12/20/99 -version 0.07.8 (not stable) released. a few bug fix. more testing. more progress in module. Mainly working on integrating Elemsets.
  9. 12/19/99 - version 0.07.7 (not stable) released. added a new eleset data structure. continue streamlining the Abaqus and Struct modules.
  10. 12/18/99 - version 0.07.6 (not stable) released. fixed a bug in PfemAbaqusSOLIDSECTION. continue streamlining the Abaqus and Struct modules. more tests done.
  11. 12/17/99 - version 0.07.5 (not stable) released. continue streamlining the Abaqus and Struct modules. more tests done.
  12. 12/14/99 - starts an FAQ. version 0.07.4 (not stable) released. mainly in the Abaqus module making it more flexible. added a few * classes.
  13. 12/05/99 - version 0.07.2 released. cleaned up the solver module and fixed a few minor bugs.
  14. 12/04/99 - version 0.07.2 released. cleaned up the phys/heat module such that using wrapped C code is just a special case. tested using 'make testnum'
  15. 12/04/99 - version 0.07.1 released.
  16. 11/28/99 - version 0.07 released. (2-d, 3-d heat transfer with phase change). which includes cleaning up makefiles, installation procedures. Most of heat transfer stuff run again.
  17. 11/28/99 - numpy_script_venture (streamlined script to set PYTHONPATH) - cvs2.venture and cvs_script_venture added (for machine venture)
  18. 5/8/99 - Jonah Misc directory, holds generic modules that do not fit with other categories.